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The industry most affected by counterfeiters.

Counterfeit semiconductors cost manufacturers over $75B in lost revenue annually and incursion of fraudulent semiconductors into military equipment may lead to serious injury or death of our service men and women.


Experiencing the highest rate of counterfeiting.

Counterfeit prescription drugs comprise as much as 70% of the worldwide drug supply and have been responsible for thousands of deaths. We will show you how to change this deadly trend.

Consumer Products

Internet fueled expansion of pirated goods.

The top categories of fraudulent consumer goods are handbags and wallets, watches and jewelry, shoes, and fashion apparel. Over $1.2B worth of goods were seized by U.S. Customs in 2012 - representing only a small fraction of the pirated products in the entire U.S.

“Undefeatable anti-counterfeiting technology.™”

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Global counterfeiting and piracy are estimated to cost businesses between $1.2T and $1.8T annually.

The Solution: SpectraSure™

SpectraSure™ is an invisible, anti-counterfeiting taggant used for product authentication.

SpectraSure™ helps businesses and manufacturers:
   • Regain and increase sales
   • Authenticate products in real time
   • Retain/increase customer base
   • Retain brand integrity
   • Build reputation on genuine product
   • Increase customer confidence
   • Reduce liability due to counterfeit products

SpectraSure™ is a quantum physics based invisible anti-counterfeit taggant for product authentication.