SDI’s SpectraSure™ technology has a vast array of applications. Many types of chemicals that are prone to counterfeiting can be tagged with SpectraSure™ including fuels, pesticides, explosives, adhesives, paints, inks, solvents, emulsifiers, plastics, and so many more. With SpectraSure™, you can feel confident knowing your product is impossible to counterfeit.

The Problem


Chemicals such as fertilizers, pesticides, lubricants, or construction materials are only safe when they are verified as authentic. Counterfeit chemicals have been implicated in a number of serious public health and safety incidents in recent years, including explosions involving service engineers in the refrigerated container sector that killed three people in Vietnam and Brazil in 2011.

Fake refrigerants are of particular concern, with a number of instances reported of contamination of these products with R40 (methyl chloride or chloromethane), which dramatically increases the risks of an explosion, according to a white paper published earlier this year by the American Air Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI).


Chem Plant
Meanwhile, the Imaging Supplies Coalition (ISC) - whose members include producers of printer ink and toner powder - estimates that 100 per cent of its members are affected by counterfeiting that costs the industry $3 Billion annually.

Europol has reported that 25 per cent of the EU pesticides market is illicit (ref: University of Florida report.) Counterfeit and illegal pesticide products pose significant risks to:



  • Farmers, as their crops and fields can be damaged and their health impacted due to exposure to unknown or banned chemicals
  • The environment, as illegal products can contaminate ground water and soil and can damage beneficial insects and other organisms
  • Consumers, as unknown and untested residues can enter the food chain


Crop Life and the European Crop Protection Association estimate that five to nine percent of the market consists of illegal pesticides, often due to counterfeit products with fake labels and packaging.

The Solution


Enter SpectraSure™ - a non-organic taggant unique among covert and overt security markers in that it is impossible to reverse-engineer due to the underlying physics and the proprietary manufacturing processes. Even using sophisticated mass-spectrometry or nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, counterfeiters cannot discern and duplicate the mark. Unlike many other taggants, SpectraSure™ can be incorporated into the product, applied to the product (and its packaging) and can be authenticated in real time, on-site, and on-demand. There is no need for long lead-time and costly laboratory analysis. The SpectraSure™ readers authenticate the mark in milliseconds.

ChemicalsThe SpectraSure™ taggant does not decay over time, can be encoded for specific and targeted tracking activities, and can withstand environmental extremes far in excess of the item marked.




The chemical production process involves a wide variety of sophisticated and costly equipment. No two fabrication lines will be identical. However, there are common themes within the manufacturing and supply chain. The SpectraSure™ system can be integrated into:



  • The manufacturing process by directly incorporating the SpectraSure™ taggant
    into the chemical, marking, logo, or other marks;
  • The supply chain anywhere chemicals are inspected and tested, including
    distributors and authorized sources;
  • The mixing plant to track and trace chemicals throughout the supply chain to the end user or customer.
  • The supply chain anywhere chemicals are inspected and tested, includingdistributors and authorized sources;

    Integration of the SpectraSure™ is performed without disruption or down-time to manufacturers or distributors.

    Whether you require complete operation and maintenance of your SpectraSure™ system, supply of SpectraSure™ taggant and readers, or a tailored approach, the SDI team can help. For more information and to initiate the SpectraSure™ process, contact us directly using any of our convenient methods.