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SDI’s SpectraSure™ technology has a vast array of applications. It is perfect for embedding in fabrics, leather, plastics, wood, fiberglass, liquids, powders, creams, gels, aerosols and many others. With SpectraSure™, you can feel confident knowing your product is impossible to counterfeit.

The Problem


According to the International Trademark Association (INTA®) counterfeiting is the practice of manufacturing goods, often of inferior quality, and selling them under a brand name without the brand owner’s authorization. Generally, counterfeit goods are sold under a trademark that is identical to or substantially indistinguishable from the brand owner's trademark for the same goods, without the approval or oversight of the trademark owner. Many well-known brands, spanning various industries, are victims of counterfeiting. The manufacturing of counterfeits is most prevalent in developing countries with a strong, inexpensive manufacturing capability, including many nations throughout Asia (such as China and Taiwan), although counterfeit goods are sold around the globe. Counterfeits are manufactured to a lesser degree in developed countries.


Counterfeits can be found in street vendor stalls as well as legitimate-looking stores. In recent years, many stores selling counterfeits have become increasingly well organized and established so as to imitate a store selling legitimate products. Furthermore, counterfeits are now increasingly sold online creating more opportunities to dupe consumers into thinking they are buying genuine goods at discounted prices. While some websites openly market fake goods, others pass off their goods as genuine by displaying pictures of the genuine item. It is only after the consumer has received their purchase that they realize they have been tricked into buying a counterfeit.

Anything that can be made can be counterfeited. Counterfeit goods include not only clothing, jewelry, purses, CDs, and DVDs, but also baby formula, medications, cigarettes, electronic equipment and parts, airplane and automobile parts, and toys.

Although some believe counterfeiting is a victimless crime, it has many far-reaching consequences. To begin with, depending upon the nature of the product being counterfeited, there can be serious health and safety concerns for consumers, such as in the examples of counterfeit baby formula, toys for children, medications, car parts, or electronic goods. In nearly every instance, counterfeited goods are not made with the same quality materials or to the same high standards as the original.

In addition, counterfeiting damages brand owners’ reputations and lowers consumer confidence in the affected brands. Counterfeiting also damages brand owners and retailers selling legitimate products by causing missed sales opportunities and actual job losses by manufacturers and retailers. Consumer confidence and the value of branding may suffer when purchasers discover that the product they bought, believing that it was being sold under a recognized brand, is in fact not authentic. Damages do not stop with brand owners and consumers because counterfeiting also deprives national economies of customs duties and tax revenues.


Counterfeiting may also be linked to organized crime or criminal activity, which may pose serious threats to the health and safety of consumers, economies and national security.

The Solution


SpectraSure™, a non-organic taggant, was developed initially by the DuPont Company and licensed to Spectrum Dynamix, Inc. with an eye to counterattacking this global proliferation of piracy. SpectraSure™ is unique in that, even whilst using sophisticated mass-spectrometry or nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, counterfeiters cannot discern and duplicate the mark. Unlike many other taggants, SpectraSure™ can be incorporated into the product, applied to the product (and its packaging) and can be authenticated in real time, on-site, and on-demand. There is no need for long lead-time and costly laboratory analysis. The SpectraSure™ readers authenticate the mark in milliseconds.

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The SpectraSure™ taggant does not decay over time, can be encoded for specific and targeted tracking activities, and can withstand environmental extremes far in excess of the item marked.




The production processes for products is as vast and varied as the affected products. No two fabrication lines will be identical. However, there are common themes within the manufacturing and supply chain. The SpectraSure™ system can be integrated into:


  • The manufacturing process by directly incorporating the SpectraSure™ taggant into the product, marking, logo, or other marks;
  • The supply chain anywhere products are inspected and tested, including
    distributors and authorized sources;

    Integration of the SpectraSure™ is performed without disruption or down-time to manufacturers or distributors.
    Whether you require complete operation and maintenance of your SpectraSure™ system, supply of SpectraSure™ taggant and readers, or a tailored approach, the SDI team can help. For more information and to initiate the SpectraSure™ process, contact us directly using any of our convenient methods.