SemiconductorsSpectrum Dynamix provides manufacturers with a range of options for authenticating semiconductors. Our solutions provide covert identification of semiconductor packaging and marking, eliminating the ability to “re-mark” parts with fraudulent markings or sanding down the carrier.








PharmaceuticalsCurrent solutions for authenticating pharmaceutical products rely upon marking the packaging. SDI’s solution is unique in that SpectraSure™ can be used to mark the product itself as well as the packaging.






Consumer Products


HandbagSpectraSure™ can be applied in a variety of covert ways. It can be applied on or embedded in such materials as textiles, plastics, liquids, wood, paper, gels, powders, creams, aerosols, leather, fiberglass, and many others.










SpectraSure™ can be used to mark a wide variety of chemical compounds ranging from fuels, explosives, pesticides, plastics, solvents, emulsifiers, inks, adhesives, paints, to name but a few.







Security Printing



SpectraSure™ can be used to mark a wide variety of security features including paper, plastics, inks, adhesives, and paints.







Art & Antiquities



Provenance of major art and antiquities can be discreetly tracked with SpectraSure™. Contemporary works can be protected at the source by the artist or creator.









Aircraft, Auto, and Mechanical Parts



SpectraSure™ can withstand the high temperatures experienced by many aircraft, auto, and machine parts.







Wine and Liquor



Instant authentication can be accomplished using SpectraSure™ either on the packaging or in the product, using miniscule amounts of our taggant.