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The Anti-Counterfeit Solution

SpectraSure™ is completely:

  • Impossible to reverse engineer
  • Capable of immediate authentication
  • Has reproducible codes
  • Invisible to the naked eye
  • Capable of withstanding very high temperatures
  • Adaptable to virtually any product application




Spectrum Dynamix, Inc. deploys undefeatable anti-counterfeit technology under the brand name SpectraSure™. Our mission is to provide manufacturers plagued by counterfeits a unique anti-counterfeit technology that cannot be circumvented by counterfeiters and product pirates. It is estimated that counterfeit products cost companies and consumers over $750 Billion per year and is one of the fastest growing illicit sectors of industry worldwide.

SpectraSure™ helps businesses and manufacturers:

  • Regain and increase sales
  • Authenticate products in real time
  • Retain/increase customer base
  • Retain brand integrity
  • Build reputation based on genuine product
  • Increase customer confidence
  • Reduce liability due to counterfeit products

Current anti-counterfeit technologies rely on the cost or difficulty of replicating the security measures. However, with the increase in ever sophisticated tools available to counterfeiters, these technologies can be overcome. SpectraSure™ relies on the physics and chemistry process that cannot be determined from a sample of the security taggant.

Unlike other security taggants, which must be collected, transported to labs for processing, rapidly degrade, require caustic or dangerous agents to process, or extremely expensive laboratory equipment to authenticate, the SpectraSure™ system lasts for decades, is inert, safe to the environment and can be used a food and pharmaceutical additive. And, it can be scanned and read directly on the product for immediate forensic authentication. The SpectraSure™ system is the latest and most sophisticated anti-counterfeiting taggant system available.



  • Semiconductors
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Consumer Goods
  • Art and Antiques
  • Chemicals
  • Currency
  • Aircraft, Auto, and MachineParts
  • Wine and Spirits
  • Security Printing

SpectraSure™ Implementation Process

Whether you are required by law to implement a counterfeit electronics program, or wish to protect sales, brand integrity, and reduce or eliminate product liability, the SpectraSure™ system provides the most secure and reliable anti-counterfeit technology known.

Free Initial Consultation

Before we can offer to help you overcome the counterfeiting issues that affect your company, we need to understand and learn about the scale and nature of your problem. What products are affected? What solutions are you presently using that may not be working effectively? How much is the problem costing you? Where, in the process of getting your product to market are the counterfeits entering the system? We will have a comprehensive list of questions to ask you.

Accordingly, we extend the offer of this first FREE consultation to all our customers, so that both you and we can evaluate if our company can make a meaningful contribution to solving the problem for you. If we mutually decide that, in principle, we can help you, we would then progress to the next step.

Technical Assessment

We will send one or more members of our technical team to meet with you at your facilities to discuss the problem and potential solutions with you. Once we have a complete understanding of your needs, we will then be in a position to provide you with a fully costed written quotation for your consideration.

Installation and Integration

This process will involve our production of the taggant together with installation and integration of any equipment that might be required in your manufacturing facility.

Ongoing Maintenance and Management

Whether you require complete operation and maintenance of your SpectraSure™ system, supply of SpectraSure™ taggant and readers, or a tailored approach, the SDI team can help. For more information and to initiate the SpectraSure™ process, contact us directly using any of our convenient methods.

Contact us today to learn more about what SpectraSure™ can do for your business.